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Orthopaedic surgery of the facial skeleton, craniofacial surgery malformations

Congenital or acquired in the course of the growth of the jaw deformities that occur due to a mismatch between jaw size and dental arch size or jaw position in relation to the skull base, will be counted to the pattern of malocclusion.

Very often, the reverse occurs anterior overbite (overjet) as a sign of an enlarged relative to the upper jaw, lower jaw. Here protrude the lower teeth of the upper jaw. Such a malocclusion can be treated surgically by corrective positioning. In most cases, a formation of the dental arches is made by orthodontic treatment measures prior to surgery. This improves the interaction bite between the upper and lower jaw in the "new" tooth position after "dislocation" of the jaw.

Likewise, an underdevelopment of the maxilla is possible to reverse this overbite is, here, the entire upper jaw is displaced and fixed to the front.
Pronounced cases of jaw deformities must be combined orthodontic and surgical treatment in both jaws.

Basis of the surgical procedure in addition to the clinical findings, the radiographic planning by measuring the bony facial skeleton. In orthodontic / maxillofacial surgical consultation, the appropriate treatment regimen is patient-specific customization discussed and defined.

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